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Auto Restoration - Customization

Cars are more than vehicles. They’re a part of our lives, memories and dreams achieved. They’re connections to the past we’re not willing to let go of. It could be a family car that’s been in the garage for decades, the memory of a son lost too soon, your first car in high school or recalling Sunday afternoons with your dad working in the garage.

Gulf Coast Auto Body & Restoration provides restoration and custom work on collectable high-end vintage, classic, investment and exotic cars.

We enjoy getting to know our customers and providing little extras when we can and bringing their vision and memories to life.

There’s a story behind every car. We want to hear the story of your car!

Restoration Scope of Work

Restoration work doesn’t lend itself to exact estimates. Based on our decades of experience, we’ll provide you with a Scope of Work that outlines the immediate work required identified during the initial inspection. It’s not possible for us to provide you with an estimate for restoration work. We simply don’t know the extent of work required. Technicians log their time daily. Detailed, weekly progress invoices for custom and restoration work are provided.

All custom and restoration projects are billed on a time and materials basis.

Your Quality Expectations

The level of custom and restoration work you choose determines the extend of work and the parts used. We offer four levels of customization:

• High Show Quality
• Show Quality
• Street Show Quality
• Driver Quality

Your Restoration Team

We share the same passion for vehicles as our customers so before we begin work you’ll meet the team of technicians who’ll be working on your car. We want you to know who they are and they want to know you and the story of your car.

We’d want to know who’s working on our car too!

You’re Part of the Restoration Process

Customers, especially those having extensive remodeling work done on their vehicles, want to see their car and check-in on the progress. We’ll regularly send you pictures so you’re a part of the restoration process every step of the way.

We’ll keep you informed of the progress on your car, even remotely.

Remodeling Cars from throughout the Country

Customers from Indiana to Georgia and throughout Florida bring their cars to Gulf Coast Auto Body & Remodeling for restoration work. We’ve even had customers from Newfoundland, Nova Scotia and Canada purchase cars and send them to Gulf Coast for restoration and then ship them back.

Our passion is remodeling cars. We work on customers’ cars like they’re our own.

Warranty : We extend all manufacturer warranties available on paint and factory parts.
Restoration Process

Restoration is a long-term process and it is sometimes longer than customers think it should be. Vehicle related reality shows have been great at hyping the industry but they’ve also created unrealistic expectations. During the span of less than an hour we see a car restored from start to finish. What the reality shows don’t share with viewers are the number of man hours and weeks it took to complete the project. We all wish restoration was that fast! Unfortunately it’s not.

We Restore More than Cars

Gulf Coast Auto Body & Restoration restores more than collectable high-end vintage, classic, investment and exotic cars. We’ve restored motorcycles, boats, bicycles, lawn mowers and airplane parts and even horse trailers.

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