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Collision Repair

We understand how frustrated you are. Nobody expects to be in an accident. Nobody wants to deal with the resulting inconvenience. We’re here to make the repair process as easy as possible.

You Choose the Shop, Not the Insurance Company

Florida state law puts the decision of selecting an auto repair shop in your hands. It’s not the insurance company’s decision. It’s your choice.

We take the burden of insurance companies off your shoulders!

It’s frustrating enough that you’ve had an accident—then there’s the insurance company. All you need to do is contact the insurance company to let them know you’ve been in an accident. We’ll take over from there and work with all of the major insurance companies on your behalf, including all the calls and paperwork.

The insurance company will no longer be your concern.

Customer Pick-up, Drop-off

Renting a car is another hassle while your car is in the shop. We have a working relationship with a nearby car rental company. We’ll provide you with the phone number so you can call to reserve your rental car and we will handle the rest.

When you drop off your car we will call the rental company to pick you up.

Exacting Paint Matching

Matching the color of your vehicle may start with the OEMs paint specs in hand but that’s not really the color of your vehicle. We have to compensate for environmental changes particularly fading from the sun.

We mix paint based on the color of your vehicle today.

Environmentally Friendly Paint

Gulf Coast Auto Body & Restoration uses PPG European Envirobase paint technology which is the highest-quality environmentally friendly paint available. This paint technology is actually mandatory in California.

Using non-toxic products doesn’t sacrifice quality when it’s the best paint available.

Using non-toxic products doesn’t sacrifice quality when it’s the best paint available.

Quick Estimates

You’re always welcome to stop in during business hours for a free estimate. You’ll leave with an estimate in hand and we’ll email a copy to you for your records.

OEM Parts

We’re often able to provide you with OEM factory parts at after-market prices because of our strong working relationships within the industry.

Regional Customers

From Lakewood Ranch and Bradenton to Englewood, customers from throughout Sarasota and Manatee County come to us for collision repair.

Warranty : We make sure you get all manufacturer warranties available on factory parts and paint.

We make sure the entire process of repairing your vehicle is done quickly and to the highest standards. We guide our customers to the right solution even if that means we suggest going to another auto repair shop.

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